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Fine Arts


Umaid Arts

Field Of Study: Fine and Studio Arts (Oil Painting, Sketching, Fine Art}

Dates attended: 1991 – 1996

I have over 26 years of experience in the creative industry. I started painting again professionally in 2016. I am mythology fanatic so from last 6 years I have been working on theme based narrative art portraying meaningful heavenly stories. 

My most recent work is "Bhanu Udgam". It is a mixed-media 10 meters long narrative art painting, based on Indian mythology, revealing Indian culture and art. The details and the painting is not public yet, I am looking for a considerable opportunity to introduce it. Currently, I am busy turning people's most treasured moments and stories into narrative paintings.



"Transformation of colour in words of black ink where the soul of an Artist is listening." - Bhawana  

I have been writing for myself and for my children for as long as I remember but as I started researching mythological stories from various epics, I found a legendary musician hidden, waiting to be found. So, I started making paintings narrating his stories. Then, I found people taking great interest in the stories of the paintings and that is how started writing commercially. 

"An ultimate painter seduced by colours of life, 

Spring blossoms in my ink arise,  

Fragnance looms from my eyes,  

Saga of Musician Tumburu is inside." - Bhawana 

The Pictorial Fable of The Celestial Musician: TUMBURU


This coffee table book is an illustrated compilation about a celebrated yet undiscovered Celestial Musician 'TUMBURU'. The green horse-faced legend used to play veena whilst singing. In numerous tales of Hindu mythology the heavenly musician is described as a courtier of Lord Kubera and Lord Indra, and a beloved Gandharva of Lord Vishnu but still many haven’t heard about him. Interestingly, the fact that Tambura and Tambourine are named after the artist Tumburu is also concealed to the human realm.


The artist and now an author, Bhawana Singh Parihar has brought him back to life on 21 canvas paintings and then she extended her confines of paint and brush to pen and paper for sharing the beautiful tales of Tumburu. In doing so, she has brought together all the known narratives about Gandharva Tumburu in this paperback presentation. 


Like a classical mythology, it presents the brief stories of romance and devotion, power and performance, curses and blessings which can be read by all. By a connection with the emotions this series narrates anecdotes from Tumburu’s Birth to him being Tantra Tumburu and features the fantasies with Apsaras and Devas from the Indian epics like Bhagawat Puran and Ramayana. 


Dooshalaa Foundation



I founded Dooshalaa Foundation, a non-profit organisation in 2013, to uplift and promote Women Handicraft and Artisan clusters in Rajasthan. I used to organise series of skill development and product generation projects specifically for Women Victims of male chauvinist society (Domestic Violence, rape, acid attack, abused by drunk husband, widowed, divorced, forced to abort girl fetus, dowry victims, illiterate). Free tailoring and hand embroidery classes for women doing hard labour like carrying stones at construction sites were also conducted. 

As Dooshalaa Foundation's secretary, I helped teach more than 50 ladies in Embroidery, Gotta Patti, Applique, Hand Block Printing, Up cycled Cloth Jewellery, Tie and Dye, Zari, etc.

After researching the traditional crafts and training the ladies of foundation, I started arranging workshops for fashion students from Manipal University and Pearl Academy to come and learn. It provided both the ladies and student good exposure. Being a versatile educator, I have taken the opportunity to instruct students, Artists, illiterate women from various backgrounds and all facets of rural and urban society. Other than Hand embroidery, I personally used to educate women and under privileged children about basic hygiene, to sign their names, nutritious recipes and painting. Women Victims of our Society who are very sharp in Handicraft but don't know their Rights or how to sell their products.  

Years worked: 2012- 2015

Location: Jaipur

Bhakoshaa logo (2)-001.jpg


Years worked: 2012- 2015

Location: Jaipur


I started Bhakoshaa in 2012, as an ethnical brand to represent Dooshalaa Foundation; which back then focused on showcasing designers that pride themselves on aesthetics as much as their ethics. The goal was to present sustainable fashion in a fresh and innovative way. Its emphasis was and still is on Organic, Recycled, Eco-friendly, Handmade and Small-scale Production. 

I undertook the position of Director of Manufacturing and Head Embroidery Designer. Some of the clients were brands like Fabindia, Kilol and fashion designer Anita Dongre and have represented the brand at exhibitions like Shilpgram, Dastkar, vastra, Vibrant Gujarat etc 

I always felt Bhakoshaa as a brand portrayed me, my characteristics. Hence, I adopted it as my pen name.  

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